the 4000 km trek

It took us about 40 hours over four days to make it from Halifax to Winnipeg, our end destination for the next couple of weeks before we turn around and do the drive all over again. We saw far too much in our relatively short trip to document in one blog post, so there’ll likely be more to come, especially as we’ll stretch out our return trip a couple of days to visit some of the things we missed along the way. Here’s just a tiny sample of some of the beautiful landscape of eastern Canada

In the spirit of springtime on the east coast, it rained non-stop for around the first 1000 km of our drive, until we reached Quebec, where we stopped to walk through old Quebec City along the river.

Then it was nothing but sunshine the rest of the drive.

The route we took led us through the Canadian Shield, a region spanning huge portions of Quebec and Ontario. The Shield comprises huge rolling hills that have eroded from some of the highest mountains in the world over millions of years, and has a pretty cool geographical history, if you’re into that sort of thing. (I am.) We stopped at Mont Tremblant, the highest peak in the Laurentian mountains, and took a cable car to the top for some photos. From the peak, the view is literally mountains as far as the eye can see.

There are a couple of routes that follow the Trans Canada highway. We opted for the route that follows along the northern rim of Lake Superior, where we saw what was without a doubt the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen. And also two bears. BEARS. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the bears because I was too busy being excited about seeing bears. Luckily we’re making the return trip, so I’ll have another chance.

The first sunset we saw as we arrived in Winnipeg was pretty nice too, I guess. (It was totally awesome.)

Shots taken with my iPhone and processed with the VSCO Cam and Afterlight apps (find me on instagram @nicolecwhite)


6 thoughts on “the 4000 km trek

    • thanks! we actually saw winnie (a statue) in white river ontario. the live ones were just plain old black bears, so boring (not)

    • we apparently couldn’t even manage our cell phones 😦 and we didn’t see any on the way back. we did get some pictures of moose, though!

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