52 weeks in philadelphia

This year I had a goal of shooting at least a roll of film per month, and posting my favourites here. That’s still happening, but it’s been a busy year so far, and between getting married and moving to a new country a couple of the rolls have been tucked away until I can find a new film lab.

In the meantime, I thought, since we’ll likely only be living here a year or two, why not document it? So I’m going to do 52 weeks of Philadelphia photos, starting now, to motivate me to get to know the city a little better. I always find I pay closer attention to things with a camera in hand!

The photos probably won’t have any real theme beyond being taken in Philly. These were taken at the Reading Terminal Market.



2 thoughts on “52 weeks in philadelphia

  1. Nice set! I always have a hard time capturing indoor markets. I don’t know why – the light never comes out quite right, I can’t find good angles with all the people, etc. I’ve also been thinking of doing a project of some sort, to revive the creative juices. Good luck with yours!

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